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V Safe.
V Safe.


         ​A short while ago, I was walking down the street​​ and noticed a "Missing Person Flyer" from the local Police Department ​, taped to the bus stop shelter.  
        A 9 year old boy, who lives in that neighborhood, had been ​missing for several days​​. 
A few days later I was visiting a friend who lives "Out east, in the Country​​"  when a helicopter flew overhead broadcasting a message  about a missing Senior Citizen that had apparently wondered away from his home and was at risk because he had serious health problems.

        ​I thought to myself, " Why does even the Police Department, in 2015, have to resort to putting out "hit and miss" flyers ​or have to fly around in a helicopter  broadcasting a description or have a group of Volunteers  start calling people in the area one by one in their attempt to find someone?

       Well, one one the reasons is that  children are reported missing at the rate of

 2,185 per DAY​​​  in the U.S.

                                           ​​​​​With "V Safe​​"  those days are over

                        For just 34 cents a month you will now be part of the solution
V Safe
V Safe
2,135 Children are reported missing each day